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Company Values and Key Attributes Continued

Talent: The core Summit Analytical biostatistical team averages 20 years of experience. Every project is managed by an experienced Biostatistician, typically with a PhD. Our team excels at collaboration and problem solving.  This results in high quality statistical sciences deliveries, as well as expertise interfacing with regulatory authorities to present and defend statistical analyses completed for each program. - Back To List

Shared Mind-Set: Summit Analytical views each project as a carefully designed operation to be executed with a successful ending in mind. Our goal is to become an extension of our client’s company by providing statistics and data sciences expertise and support for a successful submission. - Back To List

​Speed: Summit Analytical becomes aligned quickly with the goals and objectives of each project at the onset of each project due to our extensive statistical experience. We pride ourselves on never being a rate-limiting step in the trial or development program life-cycle. - Back To List

​Accountability: Summit Analytical team members stand behind every aspect of their work. We hold ourselves accountable to our clients for delivery of high quality work at all times. We stand behind our work even after the project is completed to support our clients for submissions, business development, or other related development program activities.  - Back To List

​Collaboration: Summit Analytical’s goal is to integrate ourselves into the Project Team in such a way that the “Vendor” feel disappears and is replaced with “Colleague” or “Partner”. Our aim is to immerse ourselves into the project and understand the science of the project to deliver integrated clinical and statistical sciences to help the team acquire and report data of the highest quality. - Back To List

​Innovation: Summit Analytical Biostatisticians work diligently to find the best solution available when questions arise regarding analysis of data. We take the time to research all possible avenues and arrive at a solution to meet our clients’ needs. - Back To List

​Efficiency: Summit Analytical strives to be efficient and cost effective in every aspect of our work. We understand that each aspect of the clinical trial process is like a cog in a wheel. Each part must be in place for the wheel to spin. We take our part very seriously – again with the end always in mind.  - Back To List

Customer Connectivity: Summit Analytical is dedicated to customer service and excellence via proactive communication and transparent processes.  We make ourselves available to each Project Team in such a way each member feels supported throughout the project life-cycle. - Back To List

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