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Statistical Sciences Team

James Rogers, PhD – President and Managing Member

Founding Member James Rogers received his PhD in Evaluation Research from Northwestern University in 1975. Prior to his current role, he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at Scirex Corporation where Jim headed at various times the Departments of Statistics, Data Management and Change Management. Preceding to that he served as President and founder of Research and Data Services, Inc., a business developed from his statistical consultancy over numerous years to the Hospital Products Division of Abbott Laboratories.  Jim lives in the beautiful Colorado mountains and enjoys skiing, biking and spending time with his grandchildren. - Back To List

Mark Jaros, PhD – Senior Vice President and Managing Member

Mark Jaros received his PhD in Biostatistics from The University of Colorado at Denver. He has over 20 years’ worth of technical and leadership experience in biostatistics, clinical trials design and analysis, project management and regulatory interaction.  Mark resides in Chicago but misses his time in Colorado each day.  He enjoys wearing kilts while competing in Scottish Highland games (even though he’s not even remotely Scottish). - Back To List

Philip Shale, PhD – Director, Biostatistics

Phil Shale received his PhD in Applied Statistics from the University of California, Riverside. Phil has a wide breadth of experience garnered from careers in cross functional industries including marketing, finance, defense, and most prominently in the pharmaceutical and medical device arena with experience in all clinical trial phases (I-IV). Drawing from his varied resume, Phil has a reputation as an outstanding problem solver, communicator and team leader. Client’s frequently note his dogged determination to find solutions to complex issues and his ability to explain complicated concepts to non-statisticians. As a resident of San Diego, Phil is an avid surfer and has enjoyed vacationing at various surf meccas around the globe. In fact, during a recent trip to Australia, he and his wife participated in a Discovery Channel documentary about a dolphin sanctuary, although after the final edit, only his left ear remained in the shot as, apparently, it was decided that his wife was much more camera friendly. - Back To List

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