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Statistical Programming

Summit Analytical’s experienced team of statistical programmers provide SAS Software® programming to support statistical analysis and data management activities. Our Programming Team collaborate and work with the statistical leads to deliver the following:

  • Study Specific, CDISC and Regulatory Compliant Data Sets

    • SDTM specifications and Annotated CRF

    • SDTM domains (development and validation)

    • SDTM define.xml and Study Data Reviewer’s Guide (SDRG)

    • ADaM specifications

    • ADaM datasets (development and validation), linked to the SAP

    • ADaM define.xml and Analysis Data Reviewer’s Guide (ADRG)

  • Statistical Tables, Figures, and Listings (development and validation)

  • Independent statistical programming support for DMC and DSMB meetings

  • CRF tabulations and patient profiles

  • Data management and quality control listings

  • Statistical programming services for remapping legacy studies to meet regulatory compliant data submission standards

  • Development and management of validated macro libraries

  • SAS Software® programming tailored to meet each client’s individual project requirements

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